our approach

Vemo is focused on working with higher education institutions to develop and implement income-based finance programs on their campuses.

These programs enable an institution to share some outcome risk with its students by aligning the cost of the students’ education with the success they achieve once they are in the workforce.

Income-based finance solutions have benefits for both the institution and the institution’s students:

Aligns education
cost with value
Leverages existing
institutional resources
Provides out-of-pocket relief families are seeking NOW
Enables students to pay
a fixed % of their income
Introduces a new enrollment management tool
Creates a new
revenue stream
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“There’s no upfront cost to join Holberton School, and we only charge a percentage of the internship salary and salary once graduates find a job. Vemo makes the process very simple and straightforward for both the students and the school to offer this tuition model.”

Julien Barbier
Co-founder, Holberton School

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