VEMO Leadership Team

  • Tonio DeSorrento

    CEO & Director

    As CEO, Tonio DeSorrento leads the team at Vemo Education, where he focuses on income-based product development and policy issues. Tonio has contributed to...

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  • Bill Brosseau

    VP of Higher Education

    As Vemo Education’s VP of Higher Education, Bill Brosseau manages Vemo’s business development. Bill has been a higher education professional for more than...

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  • Renée Mang

    VP of Originations & Servicing

    Renée Mang serves as Vemo Education’s Vice President, Originations and Servicing where she manages the originations and servicing for Vemo’s income-based...

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  • Jeff Weinstein

    VP of Credit & Analytics

    Dr. Jeff Weinstein serves as Vemo Education’s VP of Credit and Analytics, supervising cash flow and credit modeling as well as managing Vemo’s application,...

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“There’s no upfront cost to join Holberton School, and we only charge a percentage of the internship salary and salary once graduates find a job. Vemo makes the process very simple and straightforward for both the students and the school to offer this tuition model.”

Julien Barbier
Co-founder, Holberton School

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