Renée MangVP of Originations & Servicing

  • 20 years experience at Sallie Mae

Renée Mang serves as Vemo Education’s Vice President, Originations and Servicing where she manages the originations and servicing for Vemo’s income-based finance products, including income share agreement programs.  Renée oversees all customer service operations and leads on school implementations, student counseling, back office operations and school relationship management.

“VEMO Education provides products that really make a difference in student’s lives. That is our strength compared to other higher-ed financing companies.”

A veteran of the education finance industry, Renée brings with her over three decades of experience, including over 20 years of service at Sallie Mae.  There she held a number of key positions within the organization, most recently as the Senior Vice President, Loan Originations and Servicing Operations.

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